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Liquid Trust

Pheromones : None (contains the hormone Oxytocin)

Price : $39.95

Available To Buy From : Love Scent

The original oxytocin spray from VeroLabs – Liquid Trust – is still available to buy from one seller, but perhaps for not much longer.

Liquid Trust is the original oxytocin spray

Liquid Trust from VeroLabs was the first oxytocin spray to go on sale for the general public. After almost a decade as a bestseller, it was discontinued several years ago, but remains on sale from Love Scent. At the time of publication, it was literally on sale with $10 off its normal price. This may indicate that they are trying to clear remaining stock and that this might be your last ever chance to try possibly the most famous pheromone type attraction spray every made.

Liquid Trust oxytocin is more than just a pheromone

Oxytocin is a hormone, and not a pheromone, although it appears to work in a similar way as regards influencing social interactions among those who inhale its molecules. Nicknamed both ‘the trust hormone’ and ‘the love hormone’, there is an increasing stack of scientific studies into this hormone that confirm the remarkable role it plays in social bonding, from a mother bonding with her newly born baby, to sexual pair bonding between men and women.

Oxytocin can be used by both men and women to both boost their own self-confidence and ease in social, romantic, or business situations, as well as projecting a more trusting aura to others in these situations.

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