True Communication Review

True Communication

Female Pheromones : Estratetraenol and copulins

Price : $49.95

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A blend of two powerful female pheromones that have both had scientific studies backing their ability to increase male sexual confidence in men who inhale them. If any pheromone product on the market can deliver on its promise to make men notice you more, then it’s this one.

The first pheromone in the blend is estratetraenol. Created in a woman’s ovaries, not only is this thought to play a role in the regulation of the menstrual cycle, it was found by one study to increase testosterone in men.

Added to estratetraenol in the spray are copulins – powerful female pheromones secreted in the vagina that in one scientific study were shown to increase a male’s sense of self-esteem and sexual attractiveness.

Available from True Pheromones website, a nice feature is the ability to order it scented (with vanilla scent) or unscented. You can also choose how much of the copulins you want added before checkout, or even just purchase it as a pure estratetraenol pheromone spray (although I’d highly recommend you do add copulins).

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True Alpha Review

TRUE Alpha pheromone oil for men

Male Pheromones : Androstenol, Androsterone, Androstadienone, & Androsterone

Price : $59.95

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Four highly potent male pheromones that have been carefully chosen to be combined into an oil based blend that will help you to thrive and earn respect in all social situations.

Contains only pure androstenol, androsterone, androstadienone, and androsterone.

Four Proven Alpha Male Pheromones In One Potent Blend

A stripped down pheromone spray that contains the four most potent male pheromones that have a proven effect upon the female sexual response system. Namely, the four Andros – Androstenol, Androsterone, Androstadienone, & Androsterone. As the makers of True Alpha point out, many spray manufacturers will include ‘filler’ pheromones that have no real studies to back up their effectiveness, trying to impress potential customers with quantity over quality.

If we take a look at the first ingredient in True Alpha – Androstenol, we find it is a ‘is a steroidal pheromone and neurosteroid in humans and other mammals’. Peer reviewed scientific research has found strong evidence that it can influence female sexual behaviours and even the menstrual cycle. Another study found that Androstenol and Androsterone (the second pheromone ingredient) was found to affect the rating responses of women to photographs of moderately attractive men. A follow up study, confirmed these findings.

When you read through the research into male pheromones, you will find that there is strong evidence for a handful (chiefly, the ‘Andro’ pheromones) and speculation about a number of others. Particularly if you are looking to buy your first pheromone spray, it makes a lot of sense to start off with a spray like True Alpha that has a good scientific basis behind its ingredients. If you find it works, you can of course then try others.

An interesting feature is that you can choose to add ‘copulins’ the the spray at checkout for an additional cost. Copulins are female pheromones. Now you might wonder why you would want to add female pheromones to your male pheromone spray to attract women with, but research has suggested that such copulins can improve male sexual self-confidence.

A Potent Male Pheromone Spray For Alpha Male Confidence

True Alpha is produced by one of the leading pheromone companies ‘True Pheromones’. All their products come with a 100% money back guarentee. I would rate this spray as one of the very best pheromone products to buy for a first time user, and many experienced pheromone wearers will likely stick with this product it is that good and reliable.

One bottle of True Alpha costs $59 and can contain 100+ effective dosages (one drop).

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TRUE Instinct – Best Selling Pheromone for Men

TRUE Instinct contains the highest concentration of sexual pheromones ever put into a single spray! Just one dose could turn you into the Alpha Male in any environment. Get respect from men and get sexual attraction from women.
This pheromone spray actually comes with a warning. Only take if you’re ready to be the Alpha Male that women crave instantly. TRUE Instinct is powerful stuff. The creators have taken the most potent pheromone Androstenone and released it in a concentration never before seen in the pheromone world.
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