Love Hormone Oyxtocin Plays Role In Making VR Porn Real

While virtual reality has been a little slower to take off than some were expecting when the Oculus Rift launched half-a-decade or so ago, adult entertainment in VR has quietly developed into an established niche in the porn industry. Many people who have experienced porn in virtual reality have claimed that they could never go back to 2D material. Now a scientific study conducted by German researchers at the University of Hamburg has shown not only that VR porn is experienced as more ‘real’ and intimate by the consumer, but that oxytocin – commonly known as the ‘love hormone’ – plays a role in this.

It appears to come down to the eye contact of the performer, which for the consumer experiencing it in 3D POV (point of view of the male actor) VR, would seem to release oxytocin into his brain. Thus the experience in his VR headset is exactly that – an experience, rather than simply watching porn. Perhaps there is a threshold that virtual reality adult movies meet, and it is enough to release oxytocin that further intensifies the feeling of intimacy and realism?

Furthermore, the role of the social neuropeptide oxytocin in facilitating intimacy and interaction was studied. In the VR condition, participants felt more desired, more flirted with, more looked into the eyes. They were also more likely to feel connected with the actors and more likely to feel the urge to interact with them. Interestingly, saliva levels of oxytocin were related to the perceived eye-contact with the virtual persons indicating a role for the social neuropeptide in the perception of increased intimacy and interaction in VR. Thus, VR pornography seems to be a powerful tool to elicit the illusion of intimate sexual experiences.

Sources include : ‘VR Porn IS More Intimate and Real Confirms German University Study‘ (NSFW).

Oxytocin Could Be Used to Treat Social Anxiety and Autism

Oxytocin is a hormone that works in something of a similar way to pheromones. One of the key differences is that oxytocin is not a ‘sexual communicator’ per se, but rather is produced by the body in order to regulate more general feelings of social trust and bonding in the individual. However, like pheromones, it has been found to produce these effects when inhaled from outside of the body (for example, via a spray).

There is much excitement in the medical community that oxytocin could one day be used as an effective treatment for a wide spectrum of social disorders, ranging from social anxiety to autism and even schizophrenia. A recent study conducted by Kings College London has raised these hopes further.

Scientists at Kings College London tested the hormone on 17 healthy volunteers. The oxytocin was administered by three different routes in order to see if each method had different effects to the others – through a nasal spray, through injection into the blood stream, and via a neubulizer.

Each of them received oxytocin through injections, a normal nasal spray and a nebuliser – a mask that covers the face and delivers medicine as you breathe.

While the patients received the drug, their brain activity was measured in an MRI scanner.

Dr Paloyelis and their team observed that in all three methods of delivery, the blood flow to the amygdala – the region of the brain involved in processing social information, emotion and anxiety – was reduced.

They also found that levels of excitement and alertness decreased.

Previous studies have shown that people who suffer from anxiety show increased activity in the amygdala regions of their brains.

Therefore, reduced activity may help to ease symptoms present in social situations.

The researchers also found that administering the drug via the nasal route targeted areas of the brain which the injection method did not reach, although it was not clear where.

The scientists concluded that the use of oxytocin as a potential treatment for social disorders may depend on the specific region of the brain targeted, and that a particular method of administering the oxytocin to the desired region may be more effective than others.

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The Best Five Pheromone Sprays for Women 2020

I’ve spent a lot of of time researching the science behind pheromones and examined dozens of the most popular pheromones for women. I’ve studied the ingredients, read customer reviews, and checked out the trustworthiness of the companies making them. Here’s my honest guide to the best five for you to consider trying in 2020.

The Five best female pheromone sprays online

1 # True Sexiness – two powerful pheromones backed by science

Contains two female pheromones – Estratetraenol and Copulin – that combined produce probably the most scientifically backed pheromone spray you can buy to attract men with. Read our full review here.

2 # Attrakt for Her – oxytocin combined with female pheromone

Everybody has read of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin and its now well established role in all aspects of human social bonding, including sexual relationships. Well the good news is that the leading seller of oxytocin spray has created a formula which blends it with the powerful female pheromones called copulins. Read our full review here.

3 # True Communication – blend of estratetraenol and copulins

Made of a potent blend of intense copulins and estratetraenol – two of the most studied and cofirmed female pheromones that work together to stimulate testosterone production in men that you meet. Read our full review here.

4 # AromeDeFemme – lightly scented copulins to stir romance

A delicately scented French perfume spray that has been packed with copulins – female pheromones that have been scientifically shown to raise male sexual self-esteem. Read our full review here.

5 # Primal Woman – unscented spray for natural appeal

A balanced bland of the pheromone androsteNOL and copulins to give you increased confidence AND sex appeal. This is one of the best selling pheromone sprays for women online. Read our full review here.

Pet Bonding Oxytocin Spray Review

pet bonding oxytocin spray

Pet Pheromones : None – Oxytocin

Price : $39

Available To Buy From : VeroLabs

Believe it or not, but you can now buy an oxytocin spray designed to help you bond more easily with your pet, be it your dog or your cat.

The oxytocin spray, once sprayed on to the pet’s collar, should also make the animal more sociable with both people and other animals. It can also help to make your pet less anxious in stressful situations.

The ‘trust hormone’ for anxious or socially withdrawn pets

Oxytocin has been well established by numerous scientific studies to play a role in bonding and social relationships among mammals. As recently as 2017 a study in Sweden found that ‘the tendency of dogs to seek contact with their owners is associated with genetic variations in sensitivity for the hormone oxytocin’.

This unique pet bonding spray is made by the longest established company selling commercial oxytocin sprays online – VeroLabs.

Oxytocin is not a pheromone, and this product does not contain any pheromones, so there is no danger of your dog suddenly turning in to a horny pooch. Instead, it’s merely a gentle oxytocin spray that should, in theory, make the pet calmer and more confident around you, other people, and other animals.

Simply spray 3 times on the pet’s collar or other item it comes into contact with regularly.

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Could Oxytocin Fix A Broken Heart?

If you’ve already been left broken hearted by your Valentine’s Day sweetheart, the answer could lie in a pill, or more likely a spray, containing the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin.

A lot of the research into oxytocin has centered around studying voles. These furry little mammals are actually quite like us when it comes to pair bonding, monogamy, and even it appears, being left broken hearted. Humans and voles belong to only around 5% of mammals that form long lasting pair bonds. For that reason, they have been the subjects of choice for scientists looking at the role oxytocin might play in human mating.

According to Larry Young, an Emory University researcher, voles show all the symptoms of being heartbroken if their partners are taken away from them in the lab.

“A vole that has been with a partner and then you take the partner away, if you put them in a beaker of water for a few minutes, they tend to just float,” he said. “If you hold them up by their tail, they just hang there. They show the signs of despair.”

They just give up on life — basically, it’s not worth it without her.

But for voles at least, there is a cure for a broken heart: oxytocin. It’s a naturally occurring hormone.

Larry Young describes how the power of oxytocin as regards pair bonding is so great, that it can make a mother see even her ugly new born child look adorable. The same molecule, he and other researchers believe, cause the vole and other mammals to form bonding relationships for mating and the rearing of offspring.

Another hormone is produced during the break up of a pair bond – the stress hormone CRF – which completely cuts off the supply of oxytocin. And therein lies the promise of a fix for a broken heart in a bottle (instead of THE bottle).

Those depressed, floating voles, the ones hanging listlessly by their tails, they’re in withdrawal. It’s because of the stress hormone, CRF.

“It really gets loaded when the animals form a bond. But it’s not released. It’s just loaded, like loading a gun,” Young said. “But then when they are away from their partner, that CRF floods into the brain.”

And CRF stops oxytocin production cold. Young thinks it’s maybe a naturally evolved kind of insurance policy. Animal partners, voles and humans, have to spend some time apart to forage seeds or go to class or whatever. That CRF is part of what bums you out, makes you miss the other person, and go back to them to get another fix of oxytocin.

Source :

Buy Liquid Trust Original Oxytocin Spray

Liquid Trust

Pheromones : None (contains the hormone Oxytocin)

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The original oxytocin spray from VeroLabs – Liquid Trust – is still available to buy from one seller, but perhaps for not much longer.

Liquid Trust is the original oxytocin spray

Liquid Trust from VeroLabs was the first oxytocin spray to go on sale for the general public. After almost a decade as a bestseller, it was discontinued several years ago, but remains on sale from Love Scent. At the time of publication, it was literally on sale with $10 off its normal price. This may indicate that they are trying to clear remaining stock and that this might be your last ever chance to try possibly the most famous pheromone type attraction spray every made.

Liquid Trust oxytocin is more than just a pheromone

Oxytocin is a hormone, and not a pheromone, although it appears to work in a similar way as regards influencing social interactions among those who inhale its molecules. Nicknamed both ‘the trust hormone’ and ‘the love hormone’, there is an increasing stack of scientific studies into this hormone that confirm the remarkable role it plays in social bonding, from a mother bonding with her newly born baby, to sexual pair bonding between men and women.

Oxytocin can be used by both men and women to both boost their own self-confidence and ease in social, romantic, or business situations, as well as projecting a more trusting aura to others in these situations.

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Vero Labs Connekt Oxytocin Spray Liquid Trust Review

268x359 CONNEKT banner

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Formerly known as Liquid Trust, the number 1 selling oxytocin spray on the market has been re-branded as CONNEKT, but nothing else has changed.

Still the most trusted and potent oxytocin spray product you can buy online in 2020.

Unlock the power of the love hormone oxytocin spray

For years, the most famous and best reviewed oxytocin spray online was Liquid Trust from Vero Labs.  That spray helped tens of thousands of men and women improve their confidence, self-esteem, and their respect and trust from those around them. As somebody suffering from lifetime anxiety, I can honestly vouch for the fact that it has helped me to feel more relaxed, and confident around people, including of course the opposite sex. A couple of years ago the world famous Liquid Trust was re-branded as CONNEKT. It’s still essentially the same product, it still works, and it’s still one of the most popular ‘attraction sprays’ in the world.

Oxytocin spay has one big advantage over pheromones

Oxytocin is a hormone found in both men and women. Although not primarily a sexual hormone, there is accumulating evidence that it does play a role in the mating process, just as it does in other forms of pair bonding – such as the mother and child relationship – and relationships (including business). So what is the advantage it has over pheromones? Pheromones appear to be purely sexual signallers, and they are one way. So male pheromones send signals to females that elicit a sexual response, and female pheromones do the same for males.

What’s different about the hormone oxytocin is that it appears that it has an effect on both sexes, on anybody who inhales its molecules. That doesn’t mean that it turns a hetrosexual man gay or anything. What it means is oxytocin, which as well as the love hormone is also known as the ‘trust hormone’, can actually build trust in oneself. In other words, it appears that it can improve self-confidence, as well as subtly influence the responsiveness (such as feelings of trust) in those around the wearer.

So this product does not contain pheromones, but it does contain a powerful and exciting hormone – oxytocin – that appears to work in a very similar way, with the added bonus of improving the self-confidence of the wearer himself (or herself).

And the good news for those who want to pair the love hormone with a powerful pheromone is that VeroLabs have already done just that with their combined oxytocin and pheromone sprays Attrakt for Him, and Attrakt for Her.

Summary – Fans of pheromones should try the ‘love hormone’

Oxytocin is a hormone ,not a pheromone, but appears to work very similarly and has a growing mountain of scientific evidence confirming its role in human mating and other social relationships. Both men and women react in different ways to oxytocin, but in both cases wearers of oxytocin – male or female – should find it easier to establish good relationships with both the opposite and same sex, whether romantic, social, or business. VeroLabs have been selling the number one oxytocin spray on the market for over a decade, and the hormone can also now be bought in combination with male or female pheromones.

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Oxytocin May Increase Casual Sex

The ‘love hormone’ Oxytocin has long been associated by various studies with monogamous pair bonding, but a new study from China suggests it ‘may make men more interested in casual short-term flings with unfaithful partners’. And according to a report in the Daily Mail, the researchers claim that it could make sexual attraction more important than feelings of romantic attachment, at least at the start of the relationship.

After courtship ends and a relationship begins, the hormone then moves on to help build more romantic bonds, say researchers from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

During the study 160 people were shown pictures of members of the opposite sex and told by researchers whether those people had been faithful or unfaithful.
Participants were then asked to give their preference for having a long-term or short-term relationship with the person in the picture.

They found that both sexes clearly prefer fidelity in a prospective long-term partner but the picture differed when it came to short-term relationships.

Men were more likely than women to say they would have a short-term relationship with someone who had been unfaithful.

Women were more likely to want a lasting relationship with a faithful man.