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Female Pheromones : Estratetraenol and Copulin

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This best selling pheromone spray for women contains two female sexual pheromones – Estratetraenol and Copulin – that have had scientific studies confirming that they do elicit powerful reactions in men.

A pure blend of two female pheromones proven to work

Let’s be real, there is and always has been a lot of snake oil involved in the pheromones industry. In fact, up until a few years ago, the idea that pheromones had any role to play in mammalian mating, let alone human sexual relationships, was largely beyond the pale in mainstream science. Things have changed however, and an increasing number of studies are showing that pheromones are important in sexual attraction whether it’s mice or humans. What’s exciting about this product – True Sexiness – is that it takes two of the most scientifically backed female pheromones and combines them to produce perhaps the most legitimate and powerful spray to attract men that exists on the market.

The first ingredient in this pheromone spray is estratetraenol. In 2014, Scientific American reported on the work of Chinese researchers who were studying estratetranol as a possible pheromone candidate in humans. The researchers found that these molecules that are secreted by the body but have no scent, nevertheless influenced the male sexual arousal response of those men who sniffed a compound containing estratetranol. Combined with the same experiment involving the male pheromone equivalent (androstadienone), the researchers concluded that the ‘findings suggest that humans could use chemical signals to detect an individual with romantic potential, and that these cues work in a sex- and orientation-specific way‘.

Admittedly, the scientific research into copulins are a little more mixed. Copulins are chemicals secreted by the vagina that are believed to influence the behavior of men. A study into copulins conducted in 2016 and widely reported on at the time, including in Psychology Today, found that synthetic copulins did not have any discernible effect on male sexual arousal itself. However, the researchers did make the intriguing discovery that those same copulins appeared to make men exposed to them feel more self-confident and sexually self-assured.

So what do you get when you combine a female pheromone – estratetranol – proven to heighten male sexual arousal, and another female pheromone – copulin – that has been shown to increase male sexual confidence? Well, you get a man in your presence who is not only more attracted to you, but has the increased confidence to show it!

Summary – A powerful pheromone spray backed by science

A pheromone spray for women that really does have the science to back it up. A carefully chosen blend of perhaps the two most bona fide female pheromones that make the ultimate attraction spray for women seeking men. Available in either a scented or unscented spray, it also comes with a 12 month money back guarantee.

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