Vero Labs Connekt Oxytocin Spray Liquid Trust Review

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Pheromones : None (contains the hormone Oxytocin)

Price : $79.00

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Formerly known as Liquid Trust, the number 1 selling oxytocin spray on the market has been re-branded as CONNEKT, but nothing else has changed.

Still the most trusted and potent oxytocin spray product you can buy online in 2020.

Unlock the power of the love hormone oxytocin spray

For years, the most famous and best reviewed oxytocin spray online was Liquid Trust from Vero Labs. ┬áThat spray helped tens of thousands of men and women improve their confidence, self-esteem, and their respect and trust from those around them. As somebody suffering from lifetime anxiety, I can honestly vouch for the fact that it has helped me to feel more relaxed, and confident around people, including of course the opposite sex. A couple of years ago the world famous Liquid Trust was re-branded as CONNEKT. It’s still essentially the same product, it still works, and it’s still one of the most popular ‘attraction sprays’ in the world.

Oxytocin spay has one big advantage over pheromones

Oxytocin is a hormone found in both men and women. Although not primarily a sexual hormone, there is accumulating evidence that it does play a role in the mating process, just as it does in other forms of pair bonding – such as the mother and child relationship – and relationships (including business). So what is the advantage it has over pheromones? Pheromones appear to be purely sexual signallers, and they are one way. So male pheromones send signals to females that elicit a sexual response, and female pheromones do the same for males.

What’s different about the hormone oxytocin is that it appears that it has an effect on both sexes, on anybody who inhales its molecules. That doesn’t mean that it turns a hetrosexual man gay or anything. What it means is oxytocin, which as well as the love hormone is also known as the ‘trust hormone’, can actually build trust in oneself. In other words, it appears that it can improve self-confidence, as well as subtly influence the responsiveness (such as feelings of trust) in those around the wearer.

So this product does not contain pheromones, but it does contain a powerful and exciting hormone – oxytocin – that appears to work in a very similar way, with the added bonus of improving the self-confidence of the wearer himself (or herself).

And the good news for those who want to pair the love hormone with a powerful pheromone is that VeroLabs have already done just that with their combined oxytocin and pheromone sprays Attrakt for Him, and Attrakt for Her.

Summary – Fans of pheromones should try the ‘love hormone’

Oxytocin is a hormone ,not a pheromone, but appears to work very similarly and has a growing mountain of scientific evidence confirming its role in human mating and other social relationships. Both men and women react in different ways to oxytocin, but in both cases wearers of oxytocin – male or female – should find it easier to establish good relationships with both the opposite and same sex, whether romantic, social, or business. VeroLabs have been selling the number one oxytocin spray on the market for over a decade, and the hormone can also now be bought in combination with male or female pheromones.

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